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In 2015, the Emory team formed an Advisory Committee to seek input on how to effectively use the findings and recommendations from the SaniPath Tool to influence urban sanitation investments, policies, and programs to benefit the urban poor. The Advisory Committee is made up of leaders in the urban sanitation field from development banks, universities, and funding agencies as well as government programmers, practitioners, and policy makers.

SaniPath Advisory Board Members:

Patrick Apoya

Barbara Evans

Martin Gambrill

Neil Jeffery

Antoinette Kome

Christoph Lüthi

Amanda Marlin

Kate Medlicott

Suresh Kumar Rohilla

Jan Willem Rosenboom

Jesse Shapiro



Seated (left to right): Katharine Robb, Amanda Marlin, Christine Moe, Patrick Apoya, Neil Jeffery, Kate Medlicott, Suraja Raj

Standing (left to right): James Michiel, Habib Yakubu, Eddy Perez, Martin Gambril, David Berendes, Jesse Shapiro, Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Jan Willem Rosenboom, Yuke (Andrew) Wang, Amy Kirby, Jillian Cordes

Not Pictured:

Barbara Evans, Antoinette Kome, Christoph Lüthi

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