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Diagnostic Tools and Guidelines for FSM with a Focus on Fecal Waste, Tracking and Public Health

CL Moe, E Perez, S Raj, and D Berendes

As a side event during the 3rd International Faecal Sludge Management Conference, Dr. Christine Moe, Eddy Perez, Suraja Raj, and David Berendes presented within a session called Diagnostic Tools and Guidelines for FSM, with a focus on Faecal Waste and Tracking and Public Health. This session “presented the overarching framework of the WSP FSM study, and focused on key diagnostic tools being developed by GIZ, Emory University, and WSP.” This session used “presentations, case study-based group work, and open discussion” to familiarize participants with the SFD, SaniPath, and ESI tools. The session also gave participants the opportunity to engage with the tools and learn how to enhance the use and application of the tools to address FSM service delivery.

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