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Fecal Exposure Assessment of Young Children in Crowded, Low-Income Neighborhood in Accra, Ghana

Y Wang, CL Moe, C Null, S Raj, K Baker, K Robb, H Yakubu, J Ampofo, N Wellington, M Freeman, G Armah, H Reese, D Peprah, P Teunis

Yuke Wang presented a poster that discussed quantitative analysis results related to a SaniPath deployment in low-income urban environments in Accra, Ghana. This presentation included discussions related to the fecal microbe transfer network designed based on structured observations, questionnaires, and environmental samples. The analysis technique allowed for tracking of fecal bacteria from the environment to oral ingestion by utilizing fecal microbe transfer networks and provides insight as to risk of exposure to fecal microbes across various exposure pathways. This presentation was given at the 2016 ASTMH meeting in Atlanta, GA, which brings together professionals interested in tropical medicine and global health.

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