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Makerere University Presents SaniPath Results from Kampala, Uganda at Stockholm World Water Week

Our colleague from Makerere University, Dr. Richard Mugambe, presented results from a SaniPath Exposure Assessment performed in Kampala, Uganda during a session at the Stockholm World Water Week Conference entitled "Tools to Support Climate-Smart Sanitation Decision-Making for the Urban Poor". During the session, Dr. Mugambe spoke alongside speakers from the Global Water Pathogen Project and HyCRISTAL about how complementary tools can be used to address important public health questions, such as "What areas of the city are predicted to have the highest health hazard from exposure to excreta?" and "What interventions can be made to reduce health risks from exposure to excreta in the environment?". These study questions were addressed in a Kampala case study to demonstrate the utility of complementary tools for climate-friendly sanitation decisions.

A link to the presentation recordings can be found here.

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