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SaniPath Tool used in the New Juaben Operation Clean Communities campaign

"Operation Clean Communities" launched in March 2021 by the New Juaben Traditional Council. The campaign will be implemented in three phases. The Pre-Intervention Phase will adapt and utilize the SaniPath Exposure Assessment Tool for use in New Juaben, Ghana to assess the various exposure pathways of contamination and behavioral patterns that influence exposure. The Intervention Phase will seek to disrupt the dominant exposure pathways identified from the SaniPath Tool through community health and sanitation education, cleanup initiatives, and public stakeholder engagement. The Post-Intervention Phase will be conducted one year after the Intervention Phase and will deploy another SaniPath Exposure Assessment to measure the impact of "Operation Clean Communities".

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The international implementation committee is made up of representatives from: International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC); Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; New Juaben Traditional Council and its institutional members.


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