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WHO and UNICEF Position Paper makes reference to SaniPath Exposure Assessment Tool

The WHO and UNICEF position paper Implications of recent WASH and nutrition studies for WASH policy and practice summarized three high-quality studies in the WASH sector that resulted in little or no impact on reducing childhood diarrhea and stunting. The paper aimed to contextualize the findings and distill the implications for future WASH investments.

The report highlighted that oftentimes fecal contamination of produce is not considered when designing and implementing interventions despite prior evidence that this is a dominant exposure pathway in many settings. The paper cites SaniPath as the source of this important piece of evidence.

The evidence generated through SaniPath's work is increasing awareness about this major exposure pathway and contributing to influential position papers such as this one. The data generated from deployments is encouraging policies and practices to address food safety issues that arise from fecal contamination along the value chain.


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